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Hello Sangster Families, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
The school is filled with various shades of green and looks vibrant and spring-like. Let’s cross our fingers that we actually get our beautiful Victoria spring very soon (for the break would be nice…).
•    First, I would like to offer huge thanks to Ami Vine- Sullivan for organizing the book fair again, and for all the volunteers who made this possible. These book fairs are an absolute highlight of the year for our students, and they can only happen with all the helpers lined up. Thanks so much.
Thanks to all the other volunteers who make things work well here: hot lunch organizer Peggiann Marcoux and the army of helpers (2 times a month); Maureen Orr, who helps in the library every Wednesday;  fresh fruit and vegetable helpers: Ami and Soo; all the parents and grandparents who listen to children read and help in classrooms. (By the way, we have some teachers who would love some parents or grandparents to listen to children read during the week. If you are able to do this, please contact me and I’ll help organize this- reading practice is essential for children to develop confidence and expertise. Thanks very much).
•    After the break, we will have our kick-off for fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation (Thursday April 6). Children will bring an envelope home with instructions. Online donations are the easiest for families, as you can then approach people who live in other places. We have a history at Sangster of being great fundraisers for this organization that helps so many people, so we look forward to continuing that path.
We have other news:
•    I am retiring in December, 2017 and the School Board Office has appointed Jeff Baxter to be the Principal of Sangster beginning January 2018. This is such great news for our school. The new Vice Principal is Camille McFarland, who is currently teaching outside of our district. She will begin here in January 2018.
Have a safe and fun-filled break, whatever you are doing, and we will see you back here April 3.

Maureen Lauren


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Please leave your dogs and all other furry friends at home.  Many children are frightened of animals and even the best behaved animal, can turn on a child in an instant.  We appreciate your cooperation


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